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E Book : " How to Become a Technical Writer: You CAN Earn a Great Living as a Writer NOW! by Susan Bilheimer'

How to Become a Technical Writer: You CAN Earn a Great Living as a Writer NOW!
by Susan Bilheimer

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PRICE : ONLY US$ 6 / 1 E BOOK !!.... This E book contains 102 page !!

About the E Book

If you are creative, with an orderly mind, and can write clear, concise instructions, then you can be a technical writer - it's as simple as that! This book will show you, step by step, how to turn your talents into a rewarding and highly lucrative writing career!

This inspiring and invaluable guidebook will give you the confidence and information you need to plunge into one of the hottest fields in an industry that is only getting hotter!

If you can write clear, concise instructions (like a to-do list!), then you owe it to yourself to consider a career as a technical writer! Just a few years ago, as a freelance writer, I barely earned enough to fill my gas tank. Today, I write what I want while earning a LOT of money as a Technical Writer...and you can too!

From the Introduction:

--Are you a creative and talented writer who just can't seem to make a living [yet!] purely from writing?

--Are you just entering the writing field and looking for your muse?

--Are you seeking a way to finance your "creative" writing career until you "make it?"

--Is your career ending and you need to find another profession?

-- Do you have abilities in any technical arena? In other words, are you a repairperson, electrician, or the like?

--Are you a teacher?

If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, then you owe it to yourself to consider a career in technical writing.

If you are creative, with an orderly mind, and can write clear, concise instructions, then you can be a technical writer. That's truly all it takes.


--Tools You Need
--Categories of Technical Writing
--Common Misconceptions
--How to Begin
--About Technical Writing Software
--So How Do I Get My First Job?
--Building Up Your Confidence
--Online Tutorials
--Contract VS. Permanent Employment
--Searching for Jobs Online
--How to Place Your Resume Online
--All About Recruiters
--Technical Writing Exercises
--Must-Join Lists

Whether you are writing the great American novel, the news story of the century, or a Human Resources manual, the ability to put words to paper in a clear, coherent manner is a gift and plays a vital role in society. All forms of writing are necessary for the world to function. Without story-telling, imagination is lost. Without journalism, truth is lost. Without technical writing, skills are lost.

are privy to the same joys and aggravation as other writers with one BIG difference?

Most of them get paid LOTS of money consistently to use their writing talent.


PRICE : ONLY US$ 6 / 1 E BOOK !!.... This E book contains 102 page !!



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About the Author:

Susan Bilheimer is a highly successful Technical Writer. Among her accomplishments, she has produced Oracle Financials, RoboHELP, and cross-platform WebHELP documentation. Once a struggling freelance writer, she seized the opportunity to blend creative writing with the structure of technical writing, and turned a VERY part-time writing career into an exceptionally lucrative full-time writing profession!





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