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E book : "The Massage Therapy Career Guide: The Truth About Becoming a Massage Therapist"

Become a SUCCESSFUL Massage Therapist

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Hello,.. I'm Julie Onofrio ,.. a Licensed Massage Practitioner on Seattle WA,US

If you are thinking of becoming a massage therapist, there are many things you need to know about careers in massage and choosing the massage school that is best for you. Careers in massage are constantly being listed in News Reports as the up and coming career. What they don't tell you is that entry level jobs at the many massage franchises start at $12 an hour. You may as well just become a checker in a grocery store. They will try to get your attention by saying that you can make $60 an hour - well that is only if you start your own business. The average fee that people pay for a massage in the US is $60 an hour. You don't get to make that an hour.

You can be successful in a career in massage and find higher paying jobs as well as start and run your own business when you take the time to research a career more thoroughly and find out what you need to know about becoming a massage therapist. When you are more informed you will be able to flourish in the field of massage.

I have written the after 24 years of having my own massage business and working with many massage therapists in their struggles to build their own business and find higher paying jobs. I wrote it because I want to start helping massage therapists be more informed about the career. I have seen too many people complaining about low paying jobs, trying to get clients and just stay in business. I have seen too many burnout and call it quits after just a few years in the career. I want to share with you my personal lessons I have learned from going through burnout myself.

You can be very successful in a career in massage when you know what a career is really about and how to choose the best massage school to meet your own personal needs for learning and support as you follow your journey.

My Ebook ""The Massage Therapy Career Guide: The Truth About Becoming a Massage Therapist" can help you do just that. When you go into the career understanding just what it is about and accept the challenge your chances of success increase dramatically.

The Massage Therapy Career Guide:
The Truth About
Becoming a Massage Therapist

Includes 2 Free Reports :

13 things to ask before choosing
a Career in Massage

and ....

20 things to know when
you are researching massage schools

and a special bonus Massage School Questionnaire to help you interview massage schools ....

PRICE : US$ 17.95

"Massage Therapy Career Guide :
The Truth About Becoming a Massage Therapist".

The Table of Contents is as follows:

Introduction :

1. Is a Career in Massage Therapy for you?

2. What you need to know about massage careers

- Salaries - What is the average salary range and what you can do to make more.

- The growing field- the demand for massage therapy

- What type of massage to study- there are over 250 different types of massage

- Where you can get a job

- Setting up your own practice

- Licensing and Legislation- What licenses do you need to have and what do you need to know about legislation in your state.

- Touching others- there are many psychological as well as physical effects of touch

- Helping others - it isn't about helping others, it is about taking care of yourself.

3. Choosing a Massage School

Curriculum and hours - is more hours better?
Teachers - what do you need to know about teachers
Making a Decision - use this software to help you decide
Getting the most out of school - it's just massage school

4. Working as a Massage Therapist or Setting up Your Own Practice What opportunities are there in the massage profession.

5. Self care -The Code of the caretaker – why do you help? Uncovering the real reasons why you want to help can take help you create a lasting career and reduce your risks of burnout.

6. Peer Supervision and mentoring - The one tool that massage schools are lacking ,yet to implement but can be done easily.

7. The Qualities of a Wealthy Massage Therapists
- What does it take to make $100,000 a year in the massage profession?

8. The future of the massage profession - Where is it headed? Do you want to be a part of it?

9. It is your decision How to put it all together and weigh your values. Special software to help you decide

10. Resources :

Online Articles
Massage Textbooks
Career tools

I am writing this after 24 years of making a living as a massage therapist in Seattle WA. Through the years I have seen many massage therapists come and go - some that I have even personally recommended going to massage school. When I first started there were very few jobs and doing massage was more about a lifestyle than making a living. As more massage therapists have entered the market, it makes massage therapists take their massage business more seriously and see it as a business - not a part of themselves.

Being a massage therapist can still be a very rewarding and successful career when you go into it being fully prepared and informed. You can do so when you purchase the "Massage Therapy Career Guide - The Truth about becoming a massage therapist" now in it's 4th edition since 2002. I constantly am updating the information based on feedback from my readers.


What others are saying:

"Your book pulls no punches and really makes you think about what it REALLY
means to be a massage therapist. I love the fact that you tell us what most
people never do, like don't think everyone has smooth soft skin and are not
hairy. I LOVE really did make me think about what I was heading
into. I'm actually enrolled in massage school and will start in two weeks. "

Sue, NJ

"I owe my decision to become a massage therapist to you. Your online book"...Cheryl

"I have been in practice since 2003 and I work alone. I have had many challenges.
Your Ebook helped me in so many ways"... Fris

"I'm pleased to see that you are giving such an honest and truthful opinion
about how a career in massage can really be. I am constantly on the internet
searching for info on massage. I've had an interest in becoming a massage
therapist for a few years. In the meantime, I've gotten a diploma in business and
I'm trying to now make the decision to begin the process of becoming a massage
therapist or to venture into university. I'm very confused about the decision, so its
always great to read things that are not swaying me one way or the other"... Christina

"I just wanted to thank you for this website! The work you put into it is really
valuable and very informative. I am preparing to study at Chicago School of
Massage and you really put everything into perspective, without all the hype
the schools feed us"....Michael


So if you are ready to pursue an exiting career in massage start out right with the Massage Therapy Career Guide that tells you The Truth About Becoming a Massage Therapist.

PRICE : US$ 17.95 / 1 E BOOK

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To Your Success!

Julie Onofrio
Licensed Massage Practitioner
Seattle WA

Let me know if you have any questions, comments or feedback! You can email me directly here :



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